My Demise…

They hadn’t even been out of the oven for a full five minutes and four of them were already gone. Sweets have always been my weakness. I crave sugar after every meal. Not just any kind of sweets…the SWEETEST sweets. Hopefully they wont be the demise of my fitness plan. Don’t worry though. I didn’t eat all four cookies by myself.


My husband and I recently joined Spectrum Fitness Center to help us reach our weight loss goals and become healthier and active people, for ourselves and our kids. I can’t even begin to tell you how proud of my husband I am for the level of commitment he’s made to our new workout routine. He is my motivation on those days where I just DO NOT feel like giving it the effort. After all, seems like once I hit 25, the weight wouldn’t come off like it used too.

Extra pounds have always found their way around me and we all know how brutal school kids can be. I was far from Miss Popular. I had short, curly, unruly hair, absolutely NO fashion sense and thick, plastic-rimmed eyeglasses. Bus rides to school were agonizing! The bullying, among other things, set the stage for serious body image issues later in high school that eventually turned into a battle with anorexia and bulimia.

Although it will always be a struggle, I’ve made the transition to want to be healthy and not just “skinny”. I believe that somehow I will use photography to help other girls feel beautiful in their own skin. At least, that is my hope.

Today was our “splurge” day. Counting calories every day warrants us some sort of reward right? Besides, we go back to our workout routines and calorie counting first thing Monday morning. So go ahead…eat another cookie. 😉