Newborn Portrait Session – Baby Kole

A new baby is such an exciting occasion. The celebration begins long before the time baby arrives to meet his or her new parents.  You get to pick a name, buy baby clothes, baby diapers, baby bottles, and baby toys.    Then there’s the baby shower where everyone brings gifts, gifts and more gifts for the baby.  You might even go out and buy a brand new digital camera or video camera so you don’t miss a single second of this new life.    You spend countless hours taking photographs for the new scrapbook you bought so others can enjoy the photos of your newborn.

I love it when I’m called to take photos and help document the precious new life of a child.  When Kole’s mom, a high school friend, called to ask if I’d be available to shoot a newborn photography session, I was thrilled.  Kole was a week older than typical newborns that are scheduled for a portrait session, but we still managed to get some “oh so cute” shots of him and his new mom and dad.

Kole’s parents wanted a very natural setting for his baby portraits, so I took the photos in their home.  Although they wanted a natural setting; his mom did have some ideas for photos she wanted to experiment with and I was totally up for the challenge.

Here are a few shots from Kole’s newborn portrait session:

I can’t wait to see how much you’ve grown when we meet at six months!!

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