Baby Portrait Photography Session – Kamie

I absolutely love photographing  babies and children.  There is no other portrait session like it.   Babies and children don’t worry about what their photos will look like, or how they look during their photo shoot.  They’re carefree.  Playful…shy…crying…it doesn’t matter.  They’re beautiful just being their natural selves.  What better way is there to document those first few precious years, than with true photographs of the way children really are?

Its no secret that my own children were the inspiration for my venture into the wedding and portrait photography business.  I don’t want to miss a single moment of their lives, and when those moments are gone, I not only want to have the memories, but something to look back on for years to come.  Not only do I want them for my husband and I as parents, but for our children as well.

All that being said, here’s six month old Kamie!  You may remember her from Myspace a few months ago.

She was so pretty in pink!  Determined to practice her crawl and get to her toys, she paid little mind to the camera, but gave me and her parents a smile or two.

Kamie, I look forward to watching you grow!






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