SBJamesPhotography Mobile Site

Wow, what a busy season for me!  Let me take this time to say “thank you” to all my clients and those who support me.

And now…I am pleased to announce, that I now have a photography MOBILE SITE!!!  With cell phones everywhere and new WIFI capable mobile phones, a lot of you are on the internet on the go.  In order to better serve you, it was only fitting that I stay on board and create a mobile web site for SBJamesPhotography.   Now if you are in need of photography services and are away from your home computer, all you need is a cell phone and a mobile web connection.   It even comes complete with Twitter updates, gallery and a contact form!!  Please visit, let me know you came by and spread the word!!

Here are some screenshots from the photography mobile site:

SBJamesPhotography mobile site screen shot1

SBJamesPhotography mobile site screen shot2

SBJamesPhotography mobile site screen shot3

SBJamesPhotography mobile site screen shot4

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