Congrats on your wedding Peter and Ashley!!

Ahhh…Wedding photography…

It truly is amazing to be able to capture moments from such a blissful, and momentous period in the lives of two people, such as their wedding. I remember the days of planning my own wedding and, oddly enough, finding the perfect wedding photographer was not a top priority on my list. Never did I dream I would end up being so passionate about photography and taking someone elses’ wedding photos, striving to create the perfect memories of their special day.

Peter and Ashley are such an amazing couple. They had been together for years before they finally made things official in June.  When it came time to discuss engagement photography, I asked if there were any places special to them as a couple.  Taking into account they both attended Louisiana State University, they decided to get their engagement photos done on the campus. Here is a sample of their engagement photo session.


The wedding ceremony and reception took place at Classic Connections in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  The venue was immaculate, filled with the orange glow of candlelight and sparkly white string lights, spread among an abundance  of green plants.  The wedding cake, carefully designed with gold detail, was complete with a specially made cake topper designed by Ashley’s very own mom.

The bride, as beautiful as ever, couldn’t have picked a more perfect wedding dress.  It seemed to be designed specifically with her in mind, even down to the name of the dress!

There is always such a rush of emotion at weddings; excitement, anxiety and joy just to name a few, but nothing seems to illustrate that better than the moment the floodgates open and the tears start flowing. Here is the bride, still beautiful in her tears.

Here are a few more photos from their wedding.

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Peter and Ashley Riley and thank you for allowing me to photograph your wedding!

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